Terminal blocks for industrial applications with rated currents greater than 85A greater than 85A

High Power Socket Terminal Strip; screwconnection; 22 mm pitch

Eurostyle Screw Terminal Strips for Panel / Chassis Mounting

Terminal blocks with special dimensions for high currents up to 125 A in difficult environments

The Solution

Klemi Contact Srl, in partnership with its suppliers, now offers terminal blocks with currents up to 125A thanks to exclusive and unique contact terminals on the market (current solutions are limited to 85 amps).

Ready for wiring

These are shockproof terminal blocks with screw tightening and considerable dimensions; These screw terminal strips are available for use in harsh environmental conditions and for high currents.


The insulation characteristics are noteworthy, the pins are made of nickel-plated brass, resistant to corrosion and aging. The maximum cable section is 35 mm².


They find their maximum expression in industrial applications, in the automotive industry, in motors, transformers, in power electronics where the electrical connection for multifunctional control of machines and drives plays a central role and wherever safe connections with high currents are needed

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